Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY Bible tabs

Art journaling Bible chapter tabs made from mini tagsIt's about 2:15pm as I sit down to reflect on the day.  Wait, the day is really only a little over half done!  Anyway, I reflect on all that was accomplished this morning.  Up, dressed, makeup and hair done, four loads of laundry, breakfast for four kids, one preschooler dressed and pig-tails on head, sink full of dishes washed, lunch made and cleaned,
blueberry cake made, trip to dentist to fill my first cavities, pictures taken of Bible tabs, reading of Berenstain Bears books, and one preschooler quietly napping.  Dare I say it?  Life is good!  I better knock on some wood right now...tap, tap, tap.  Any second, the neighbor will start his dual exhaust truck and wake up the napper or the dog will eat the cooling blueberry cake or something.  Days don't normally go this well.  That's why I am relishing the quiet moment to sit and reflect with you.

Now back to business.  The debate in my head as to whether or not I should add tabs to my Journaling Bible has been going on for a few months now.  Busyness has kept me from settling this debate until yesterday.  I decided, on a whim, that I would finally put in tabs.  Then it took some time to decide.

Art journaling Bible chapter tab with acrylic letter First, I thought I would print tabs that I saw on a Pinterest search.  But, I wanted something a little less formal and tidy.  Is it okay to have an un-tidy Bible?  Well, I hope so.  Secondly, I thought about stapling these acrylic letters from American Crafts to the corresponding chapter, but I didn't have nearly enough J's or M's or E's.  Have you ever taken a good hard look at the Contents page of your Bible?  Interesting material there.

DIY journaling Bible chapter tab suppliles
Mini tags used for journaling Bible chapter tabsI settled on these mini tags from DCWV.  They ended up looking much better than I had imagined.  AND with 180 pieces, I was bound to have enough for all 66 books of the Bible.  I glued one to each side of the title page for each book.  The question remains if I will write the abbreviated book titles on the tabs or not.  It looks so colorful and cute right now.  It would be like tattooing a baby.  On that note.  Find something that works for you in your journaling Bible.  Tabs or no tabs.  Organized or eclectic.  Let it be yours.

 Art Journaling Bible chapter tabs completed with mini tags