Monday, March 23, 2015

How do you keep up?

A few weeks ago I was walking down the hall after MOPS to retrieve my youngest.  One of the moms came alongside me and said that she had seen some of my Bible pages on instagram.  She made some very gracious and sweet compliments and then wondered how I did it.  More specifically, she wondered how I made time to journal.  There was a journaling challenge that I had mentioned in a previous post that she had joined.  I was honored and excited that she would consider these groups just upon my opinion.  However, she was feeling pressured by the journaling challenges.  Yet again, I felt honored (and a little prideful) that she thought I had it all together enough to be doing this wonderful artsy stuff all the time.  NOT! 
I hadn't done any journaling in weeks.  How could I appear like an artfully talented momma of four to this young mother?!    There had actually been one of those cartoon rain clouds following me around for a few weeks.  My husband, of course, asked, "Did I do something?"  I, honestly, couldn't give him a definitive answer.  It's not him, it's not the kids, it's not the weather.  Then I realized.  I had been letting the voices of comparison, self-hate, and uneasiness settle into my heart.
None of us have it together!  Do we?  That's what we are here for.  Earth.  Life.  It's training for the life of "all together."  That's the perfection that I'm striving for.  I have no idea if I will have the artistic creativity that I desire when I get to Heaven, but I have a feeling that it won't really matter.  While I am here, in this town, with this imperfect life, I will use my art to keep sane and praise my God. 
So when this young lady asked how I could find the time to keep up with frequent journaling I explained my stance on it.  "Do what you feel led by the Spirit to do.  Journaling challenges are great prompts; ways to get the creative juices flowing."  As mothers and women we feel compelled to do it all and do it amazing!  "I do what I can when I can," is my stance.  Sometimes, my sanity depends on it and sometimes my family depends on me.  I have to trust that the Lord will give me the time to come to him in this form of worship when it's appropriate.

Art journaling Bible in Romans 3 and 5 with a hymnal page and illustration.
Romans 3:25 and Romans 5:8
Today was the first day in a weeks that I was able to take a few minutes to do a very simple page from the Take Me Deeper challenge.  It only happened because the weather broke and my kids went outside for a few minutes to play.
When it comes to Jesus's death or the sacrifice on the cross I just don't have the words or means to express that depth yet.  My artistic abilities are basic so I decided to let music speak for me.  An old illustration and  hymnal page were layered with ink and washi tape.   The tip-out leaves me the freedom to change the page whenever the ability comes or the Spirit moves. 
My three year old came in after having enough bike riding to hold the Bible open for a picture.  There was a rainbow on the page coming from the prism in the window.  She and this prism have a history.   We have been catching rainbows since she was old enough to sit upright and touch them on the carpet. 
Take heart mommas of little ones.  Life will let up a little, every once in a while.  Don't always try to catch up with dishes and laundry.  Spend some time at his feet Martha.  When God calls you to come to Him, you will be replenished.  Dawn and dishes don't bring soul fulfilling joy (no pun intended).  Take time these coming weeks of Lent to see how He stirs your heart.  Whether it's writing it down, drawing it, taking a photo, or stoking the rosy cheeks of a small person.  Art is what He has created that stirs joy within your soul.