Friday, February 27, 2015

Learning to rest

Journaling Bible page inspired by John 13:34-35;  love one another
John 13:34-35 inspired by Take Me Deeper
So, I have been deeply entrenched in Lent studies with She Reads Truth and Nurturing Joy, with Elizabeth Foss.  Life is, also, becoming more hectic by the minute.  Four children with interests, church groups, retreats and appointments take most of the time that's left.  Today the middle girl is sick and the youngest has been battling sleep.  Life doesn't stop for Mommy Time. 

Blogging is my way to commune with the other people who share my interests and to release the thoughts that clutter my mind.  So when life gets crazy, I have to prioritize on the fly.  That means that blogging takes a back seat. 

Oh, did I mention that I have also been (finally) painting and organizing our living room/toy room?!?  It's not like I am busy or anything.  In all honesty; I would rather be busy than bored. 

Journaling Bible page inspired by Joel 2:13 with stickers and hand lettering.
Joel 2:13 inspired by She Reads Truth Lent Study

Therefor, I will be showing you some of my past work in my Bible.  I am trying to stay up with my Take Me Deeper challenge while doing the Lent studies.  These pictures are from those studies and challenge.

You can see what I am doing during the quiet blogging periods on instagram.  My link is to the right.  Enjoy and I hope you are finding peace and rest during this Lenten season.

Journaling Bible art for Psalm 46:10 in stickers and paint of orange and blue.
Psalm 46:10 inspired by the Restore Study from Nurturing Joy

Journaling Bible art with a stencil, stickers, and scrapbook paper.
Micah 6:8 inspired by the Restore study from Nurturing Joy