Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sticker Bible

People have been sticking things in their Bibles since they were first bound in books.  At least I would think so.  I have known some mothers who put pictures throughout the pages of their Bibles.  I have placed printed verses in their perspective places.  Of course, there are bookmarks and ribbons. 

Our Bible covered in stickers and labeled for character traits.But, what about stickers?  Why couldn't we plaster our Bibles with stickers?  My children and I decorated a, less than beautiful, Bible a couple of years ago.  This is our verse finder Bible.  I marked dozens upon dozens of verses throughout this Bible for quick reference when we needed a little help with discipline or emotional needs or parenting or whatever life brings.  Some would gasp if they saw this Bible, but we love it.  We use it often and it sits out on the shelf for ready use.  It's not our every day reading or carry to church Bible.  We have plenty of those for each of the six members of the family.  At last count, we had at least 26 Bibles in our home.  That doesn't count the e-Bibles on our phones or tablets.

When a piece of scripture moves me; my first inclination is to write or make something to explain that thought or emotion.  Sometimes that involves paint or pens, but it may also include some premade craft items like stickers.  If it helps me to explain what I am feeling or sensing from the Holy Spirit, then I am all for it.  God created us.  He's in the business of creating things.

Ornament storage box used for journaling Bible sticker storage.

I like alphabet stickers, journaling stickers and premade faith stickers.  I am still experimenting with the print labels.  My printer is new and my learning curve is enormous.  Clear labels are great because you can still see through if the label happens to cover the print in your Bible.   Avery makes several different sizes and shapes of clear labels.  I have picked up some awesome faith stickers at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  You can find something in most craft stores.  Create something beautiful in your Bible today.