Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Journaling Bible Challenge

Like many of you, I am new to journaling in my Bible.  I have loved to write in journals since I could lock my own diary.  Then a few years ago I began to make mixed media journals.  Then I saw all these pictures on Pinterest of Bible with writing, stickers, and coloring in them!
After reading a couple blog posts and searching for more and more I was hooked!  I had recently been challenged by a Bible study, that I was doing through church, to be into the Word every day.  I have always tried to make this a priority, but have fallen short many times.  Let me tell you, now I can't wait to get into my Bible and find something that moves me to create.
As mentioned in a previous post, I like to do the M'Cheyne daily Bible readings.  While I read through the daily scriptures, I note anything that stands out to me or highlight it on my e-Bible.  Then I go back, when time allows, to do a more in-depth study of what stood out and create what speaks to me.
Sometimes I can go a few days or even weeks without seeing anything new or art worthy.  That's when I am grateful for the weekly challenges that abound on the internet.  I had joined a group that creates art in various forms for a 52-week scripture study just before the new year.  At His Kingdom Come's website they create a weekly in depth study of a scripture through the Take Me Deeper group.  This group of amazingly creative people have made journal spreads, digital art, photographs, and dolls to reflect their interpretation of the scriptures. 

Journaling Bible art for Proverbs 28:1 with a watercolor lion.
My week 2 interpretation of Rebekah Jones's challenge
Rebekah Jones hosts her own challenge and usually includes a video of her process in her Bible.  Patter Cross of Triple The Scraps has a challenge of her own.  She has been doing a 26-week study that is bi-weekly through the year.  Patter challenges her followers to make whatever kind of paper crafting you love and display it on the facebook group.  Or you can be like Valerie Weiner and try to do a page a day!
There are several Google+ and facebook groups out there to join and share or to get inspired.  How will you challenge yourself this week.  Get into the Word and get into your crayon box!