Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Packing for the journey

December is usually packed full of chaos for everyone.  Why would I decide to take an adventure like this...and now?  God.  I felt the gentle guidance that God was pulling me in the direction of beginning a journey with a blog for several reasons.  I have been through so many challenges in the first half, hopefully more, of my life.  There was a tugging on my heart to help others who are facing some of the same challenges.  There was also an overwhelming sense that there were other people out there who were interested in many of the same things I am, but there wasn't much content out there. I am.
To let you know who I am and what has shaped me would take way too much time to read.  How about a list?  I'm all over a list!  I have gone through, been there, or done that concerning the following:

  • Obsessive crafting
  • Crafting and sewing and needlepoint and paper crafts and journaling and.....
  • Kids with ADD
  • Kids with anxiety
  • Faith that has been tried over and over again
  • Being the spouse of an adult with ADD
  • Surviving the death of a sibling to suicide
  • Mentoring young women through purity
  • Mentoring Mothers of Preschoolers
  • Working retail
  • Working in the financial world
  • Deciding to raise our children instead of working
  • Surviving on one income
  • Living fully on one income
  • Loving Bible Journaling
  • Fostering imagination and creativity in my kids
My hope is that I can continue to grow in my faith and see just where He takes me while enjoying that ride with you.  As my kids say TBC (to be continued).