Monday, December 15, 2014

New Year's is not fun!

Most of us really enjoy the Christmas season.  It brings cute little angels singing carols, sweet smelling cookies, and family gathered around the fire (or TV).  However, New Year's Eve doesn't always appeal to everyone.

My parents used to go out for the traditional 'ringing in of the New Year' when they were young parents.  But after we got older, they quit celebrating much.  We just watched the ball drop with Dick Clark every year. 

When I got old enough to party, it was just a big let down.  A had a date that showed up at 7pm drunk.  I sent him packin'.  Then I had a fiancĂ© that didn't make reservations for New Year's dinner and we drove around til we found a fast food restaurant that was open.

As fate, or God, would have it; I met my husband on New Year's Eve at a bar.  Okay, I hear the gasps.  A friend set us up without me knowing it.  We were engaged a year later! 

We have celebrated the holiday with the same group of friends for the last 16 years.  We have even changed things up a bit to include all of the kids.  It's a little different now with 10 or more kids running around screaming while the parents catch up on the past year.

BUT, as soon as January 1st hits it's all down hill from there.  We have to take down all the decorations, re-do the calendar, purge all of our files, start shredding, and collect receipts for income taxes.  Yuck!  I really don't like the busy work of January and February.

I came upon a group of mostly ladies who use their talents to craft, paint, design, and draw their faith.  At His Kingdom Come Scripture is your muse.  These folks have inspired me to delve further into my Bible and my art.  They also inspired me to DO SOMETHING beginning in 2015.

I have begun to pray and meditate on His Word in order to sense a Word of The Year for 2015.  The gals at HKC have started a group that will explore your word for the year.  Something to look forward to rather than to dread.  Who wouldn't love making canvas art that says "Step out in faith?"  Somehow, making a chalkboard plaque with "lose 10 lbs." just doesn't seem as cute.

There are a couple different groups to get involved with, depending on your talents.  Find your word or phrase for 2015 and see where it leads you.